Sleigh ride

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This soap has a deep woodsy undertone but then the crisp scent of peppermint ! Brings me back to my honey moon in door county; riding on a horse drawn sleigh through the fresh fallen snow and flocked pine trees!

Fir needle, spearmint, patchouli  

ingredients- olive oil,lard , coconut, oil, sodium hydroxide, goat milk, Shea butter,avocado, castor oil, clay, morninga,indigo, essential oils, 

All of our soap is handcrafted in small batches.We use raw goat milk from our Nigerian dwarf goats that I milk daily. We use only use essential oils and natural colorants such as herbs and clay; which also provide many benefits to your skin. We also only use locally sourced lard in or soap, we have decided against using any Palm oil in any of our products, and instead use a by product that may otherwise be discarded.