Meet the Herd


 Jazz #9 and Sugar 


 Dawson’s ND CR sugar me Sweet ( “sugar”


sugar is such a sweet gal! She is full of love and lots of kisses she has an amazing personality and absolutely amazing on the milk stand! She is so well behaved and easy to milk! 
she is also a * star milker! 




Dawson’s ND R2 Trista- KHAN

She is a two year old absolutely amazing gal! . 

she just got off her milk testing and blew it out of the water!! She could of easily hit 700 lbs in 305 days! She has the silkiest udder and so easy to milk! Literally just flows out!! She is also a advanced registry (10 * m doe. Her sire is also a + * b buck!) 

we are so happy you have her!!  

Oak Hollow INDI 

Indi is one of the “originals” we picked her up at just 8 weeks old in 2015. She has been a great mother and is a 2FF. She is in the TOP three for great MILKERS



Chady Farms  Mallory 

An old soul at heart, and very sweet and loving. If she could have her way she would lay in your lap all day. Mallory is a one of kind gal and she is one of our top milkers! At her top she makes about a GALLON a day! She also is known to have 4-5 babies a kidding! She not only is a star milker with her milk star (1*M AR) but also a star mother!

Jelly bean 

Roamn Ranch Gibbons 

 BLUE eyed sires, he has been with us a few years now and throws wonderful kids. He has wonderful lines both on his dam and sire ( his sire is the Count Chocula) both his dam and sire did pass this last  year but we are happy to carry on his legacy.

Grasse Acres RD  Norman B*

Just added to our herd in 2019 we are so excited to see what his future holds. He is three almost four years old proven buck! He has been a great addition to the herd and has fit right in with the other boys, and he is the biggest softy

sire- DILLS b and R Ronnie Dun

Dam- Grass-

e Acres RT Claret 1*M D AR