Is bar soap hygienic?

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Is bar soap hygienic?

Is bar soap hygienic?? 😬

A lot of people might think liquid soap is more hygienic.. or has less germs..

Scientists have concluded that “bacteria is not transferred by this means from person to person, nor does the soap support bacterial growth.”

While bar soap is sanitary in general, that doesn’t mean it’s completely germ-free.  

There are probably a few germs lurking on bar of soap. But experts say that these germs are less problematic because they most likely come from you. 

Your skin is colonized by millions of microbes — including bacteria, fungi and viruses — that make up your skin microbiota. Most of these microbes are harmless to you, their host, because they have adapted to work with your immune system and protect you against illnesses and your body has already adapted to fight those germs.

In short, both bar soaps and liquid soaps are equally good at cleansing. One just happens to be less expensive, longer-lasting, better for your skin and better for the environment (yes, we’re talking about bar soap 😉)

 If you are still worried; make sure to wash for at least 15 seconds, rub bar soap directly on your skin, and try to keep your soap dry in between uses.

In more DETAIL see below! 

1. Wet the soap, then work up a lather for at least 15 seconds before you start washing yourself.

2. Apply your bar soap directly to your body instead of using something like a washcloth or loofah.( they can be not as hygienic because they don’t always dry well)

3. You could consider using a new, dry washcloth every time you shower. (If you feel fine using the same washcloth a few times in a row, keep doing what you’re doing.)

4. You can also toss your loofah into the washing machine on a regular basis. 

5. Try to keep your bar soap dry between uses. Make sure to use soap dish with drainage holes if you don’t already!