Our Roots

We are a small farm who strives to provide the very best for our family and the community, using a holistic and natural approach.


​My name is Natasha and my husbands name is Dennis; together with my step son Brennan we began this adventure and bought our farm in 2015. We started with 10 Khaki Campbell ducks and a few months later we welcomed two Nigerian dwarf goats into our lives, Isa and Indi.

Shortly after, on September 26, 2015 Dennis and I made our love official and got married, celebrating with our close friends and family on our property! It was an amazing experience, and we were blessed to be able to have such a beautiful farm to share with everyone!

From then our farm has grown; December 24th 2019 we welcomed a baby boy and welcomed a baby girl on November 25th 2021. We also now have chickens, geese and goats, we are up to 15 full time goats and babies every year! 

Aside from animals we also grow a bountiful garden. We also have an ever expanding orchard of various fruit trees, adding a little bit more each year. In what seems like a very short seven years and counting, we have experienced so much but also still have much to learn. We are always evolving as implementing new practices and better techniques to the farm.

Now more about me: my real passion from the beginning has been the goats. Our goats are bred yearly and I use the extra milk that the kids don’t use and various product's such as cheese and we also drink the milk.


In November of 2017 I decided to make goat milk soap for friends and family as gifts that year. As time went on I had requests for it and everyone loved it; which finally led me to take the leap and make it official. In June 2018 I started my business and haven’t looked back. I saw an opportunity to build my love for my farm  and the arts together.

It’s been a crazy ride so far. Some days between the farm, work, being a mom and my business I don’t know how I find time; but I always do. I am grateful that I can provide for not only my family, but also share my passion with others! I never thought this could be so rewarding, but it’s become a great extension of the already wonderful farm I have come to love!

Thank you for supporting my family and I and following us on this crazy adventure we call life!

 - The Gahagan's