Can you read your soap label?

How many can you read? 

In general if you have a hard time pronouncing ingredient’s it’s best to steer clear!

let’s talk a little about.. 

Synthetic fragrances

There’s plenty of research showing that fragrance is sensitizing and is the leading cause of contact dermatitis, an inflamed red rash.

All skin types–not just sensitive skin; can react adversely to fragrance. Skin can develop a sensitivity at any point; so it’s best to stay away.

🚧Avoid products saying
Natural “fragrance”

Unfortunately even sometimes “essential oils blends” can be synthetic because they are not only essential oils in the blends as well as the types of essential oils. 

That being said even some essential oils can be harmful and also in high doses.

So what are you to do? Avoid any products with the words listed above. Also find a transparent company.. I am an open book and make sure everything I use is easy to read, pure and actually beneficial to your skin.

I adhere to all guidelines and use way below average usage rates of essential oils; if you are still weary try our completely unscented soaps.