Wool Dryer balls (set of 3 )

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Locally raised and shorn sheep, natural color ( not dyed) 

wool dryer balls 


Wool Dryer Balls From Eweniquely This & That

* photos courtesy of Flos fine design 

Made of 100% local wool from our own flock -

No chemicals or dyes

•Reduces drying time by as much as 25% by keeping fabrics from clumping

•Helps climinate wrinkles and reduce static thanks to the natural qualities of wool

•Eliminates the need for dryer sheets and fabric softener - no more harsh chemicals!

•Simply toss 3 to 4 balls in your dryer with your laundry. When the drying is done, the balls can just stay in the dryer for the next load.

•If you like the scent from dryer sheets, you can add essential oils to your wool dryer balls to get the same effect

•Lasts for at least 1,000 loads. I've been using mine for 10+ years, and they're still going strong!

Want to add a fresh scent to your laundry without the added chemicals?? Add a few drops of essential oils!!

  • First dry your load of laundry completely ( for a small to medium load use 3 xl dryer balls)
  • Then, add in the dryer balls with the essential oils and run the load again on a non- heat setting for 10-20 minutes.
  • *PRO TIP let the oils soak in for 20 min before you use